It's our First Annual WELLvember !!

Help us raise $25,000 for financial literacy programs for women.   

The Women's Education and Leadership League is proud to announce the first WELLvember event!!  This event runs through the month of November and into December to raise money for programs, workshops and scholarships for women's financial literacy education.  Through events, activities and fun challenges the members of WELL hope to inspire others through the simple act of giving.   

About US 

The Women's Education and Leadership League (WELL) believes in enriching financial, physical and emotional wellness for women. We believe that strengthening women's knowledge and skills in these three key areas, equips them to succeed and flourish in their lives. These three components are intricately linked and if one area is out of balance, then the other two areas will falter.  WELL believes when we support and empower women with their financial, physical and emotional well-being - we create a positive and powerful force in the families, businesses and communities we serve. 

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